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About FatGalah

FatGalah is the only Australian web-based software development company that has developed a unique PHP framework that rivals some of the world's top website creation platforms.

Our software is incredibly fast no matter what device people are using, highly secure and modularised for flexibility and scalability.

How it all started

FatGalah had it's beginnings back in 1996, when the World Wide Web was just taking off.

Whilst running a retail computer sales and repair shop in the Whitsundays, Danny was asked by an existing client, if he knew ÔÇťanything about building one of those website things". Never one to knock back a challenge, Danny looked at it and thought "it can't be that hard" and decided to give it a go.

Starting with a little coding experience from his days at CSIRO, he really was starting from scratch. Our first website was (part of Explore Whitsundays). They were so happy with their website, they told their business friends, who also wanted to get a website built!

FatGalah - Fast and secure websites!

After moving to Brisbane in 2000, FatGalah continued to evolve and grow.

Frustrated by slow, clunky websites that were hard to navigate and not user-friendly, the FatGalah team set out to find ways to change this.

Our team created a unique web-based software framework that we use in websites we develop today.

This means that all websites that are developed by FatGalah are:

  • Fast to load
  • Highly secure
  • Robust code
  • Intuitive
  • Incredibly flexible and
  • Easily Scalable

Oh, and remember that early trail-blazer who asked about building a website back in 1996?  Our partnership continues. Here's what they recently had to  about us...

Explore Whitsundays

Just a quick note to say thanks to Danny and Helen Lloyd for 20 years of service to our business in the Whitsundays, assisting us with our Web Sites, from supplying a user friendly CMS, to tailored APIs to interface to our Reservations system, to building a system for our Sales Representatives linked to our Agent Databases. The service is much more than just a Website, it is an integrated solution and we are very happy to have Fatgalah as our partner in on-line and e-commerce.
Allen Grundy

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