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5 Things You Need to Consider Before Going to See a Website Developer

You've got a great idea, business or product and you're keen to get online. What now?5 Things You Need to Consider Before Going to See a Website Developer

Doing a little research and planning before you pick up that phone to hire a website developer will save you a lot of time (and money!) and go a long way towards ensuring that you get a great website that not only meets your requirements but delivers great results.

Working out the What? and Why? will make the How? so much simpler. 

So, what questions do you need to ask yourself before you approach your Website Developer?

1. Project Outline

  •     What is the website for: Your organisation? A Product? Event? Service?
        (Consider this your elevator pitch)
  •     Why do you need a website? Is it to promote your product or services? Do you want to increase your exposure?
        Your competitors have a website?
  •     What does your website need to achieve: Are you after traffic, sales, lead generation, reputation?
  •     Who is your target audience? Who will use your website?

2. Website Management

Consider what tasks will be required to regularly update and promote your website, and handle requests from your website. Who will be performing these tasks and do they have the time and the level of skill required? Or will you need to get your Web Developer to make changes for you?

3. Website Architecture

What features would you like on your website:

  •     Does it need to be easy to update by non-technical people?
  •     If you are selling products or services will you need a shopping cart or other eCommerce feature?
  •     Will you require: newsletter and sign up capability, email marketing, members only section, blogs,
        feedback/contact forms etc.? 

4. Website Design and Style

  •     How do you want your new website to look and feel: high-tech, corporate, fresh, simple/clean, elegant, stylish?
        Perhaps you already have a style guide or corporate requirements.
  •     What colours or imagery do you have in mind for your website?
  •     What types of content will be on your website: text, photos, videos?
  •     Research other websites: decide what features you like or don't like.

5. Competitors

  •     Who are your competitors?
  •     How does your company differ from your competitors?
  •     What do you like about their website? What don't you like about their website?

You don't want to create a replica of your competitors website.

Identify what YOU do best and what makes your business unique from your competition. Capitalise on it to drive clients to YOUR door.

Your website is an investment. Use these 5 simple guides to help create a vision for your website that will give you a great return on your investment.