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FatGalah software update September 2017

Quickly get up to speed on the latest update and added features to FatGalah Content Management and Shopping Cart software.

This new update includes 12 changes and was rolled out to everyone on the 'green top' version of FatGalah's software at the end of September/early October. Software updates are free for users on FatGalah's green-top software service plan.

1. FatGalah Website Builder: Drag and Drop system - new elements added

Custom snippets - layouts that can be custom designed by to suit your needs. These are currently need to be developed by FatGalah, but in the future, you'll be able to create your own.

FatGalah website builder Drag and drop custom snippet

• New 'snippets' added to the 'Drag and Drop' Website Builder. A snippet is an individual design block that is used in conjunction with other snippets to create a desired look.
• We now have 132 different 'snippets' that can be dragged and dropped into a web page to create your own individual web page layout. Create your new web pages when and how you like. 

• Custom snippets - layouts that can be custom designed to suit your needs. These currently need to be developed by FatGalah, but in the future, you'll be able to create your own.

Kingston Park Raceway, Aussie Table Tennis, Ramset Reid  and Battlefield Sports are all using the new 'Drag and Drop' system. Check out their websites to see a working example of how our new website builder has been used.


2. Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags added

Facebook Open Graph Meta Tags ("og tags")  have been added to the content and blog modules. The 'og tags' are automatically generated from your Meta Title and Descriptions.

Open Graph Meta Tags allow you to control how your website content appears on Facebook.

At this stage, only the Meta Title and Description are displayed. Being able to display a selected image will be rolled out in the next update.

Further reading What are Open Graph Tags

3. FAQ module updated

FAQ module has been updated to run with or without categories.

4. Removed the 'Keywords' meta tag

Search engines no longer use the keyword meta tag.       

We have re-purposed this field and it is now used for 'Canonicals'

5. Added a 'canonicals' tag to content and blog modules

A canonical tag is a way of telling search engines that a specific URL is the original copy of a page. Using the canonical tag prevents the problems caused by duplicate content appearing on multiple web pages.

Note: you will need to add  {{canonical}} to the header of the template
eg. <head> {{canonical} </head>

FatGalah website builder canonical tag field

6. Shopping cart module - removed from order template

            i Address 1
            ii. Address 2

        It now just says

            i. Address
            ii. Address

7. Updated Stock Control warning template

The stock control warning template has been updated to remove zero quantity values.

8. Added automatic meta tags to blog module tag pages.

When someone selects a blog tag subset eg 'How to' and all blogs that have been tagged 'How to' are displayed, the page tab will display the Meta Title  'How to'.

9. Added button to product orders and product stats page

 Button added to product orders and product stats page to allow you to look at stock control warning message rather than waiting for it ….

10. Updated Uploader class to include svg images files.

Smaller file sizes and can form into larger sizes without slowing website down.

11. Added new function to content module that allows you to duplicate a page.

Added hero shot with Call to Action snippets in the Drag and Drop system.

12. Drag and Drop Hero Shot with Call to Action

Can now add a hero shot with a Call-to-action embedded within the image.