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iPhone users SSL email issues

FatGalah recently updated the SSL certificate on our server. This seems to have caused some random issues for a small proportion of clients who use iPhones and iPads to send/receive emails.

Clients have reported issues such as:

  • Not being able to send or receive emails on iPhone or iPad despite being able to send/receive on PC desktop
  • Receiving the error messages 'Cannot Verify Server Identity'
  • Receiving a message saying SSL certificate 'Not Trusted'

We've tracked down the problem, which requires users to update their mail settings on their iOS devices.

Follow these steps to update your mail settings.

(Note: These images may be slightly different on your device, depending on the version of your operating system)

Step 1

Go to Settings and click on Mail

Step 2

Click on Accounts & Passwords

To change the Outgoing Mail Server, select SMTP or select depending on your screen view.

Step 3

You will need to update the Outgoing Mail Server and the Incoming Mail Server.

Step 4

In Outgoing Mail Server:

Select your Primary Server eg

  • Under Use SSL - Switch off SSL
  • Change Server Port to 25

When completed, select Done to save and return to previous screen.

Select Accounts to go back to screen to change Incoming Settings.

Step 5

To change Incoming Settings, select Advanced from the Accounts screen.

Under Incoming Settings:

  • Under Use SSL - Switch off SSL
  • Change Server Port to 110

Close window.

That's it! Your settings have now been updated and all those pesky warnings should stop!

If you've followed the processes above and are still experiencing problems please don't hesitate to get in touch with us and we'll try and walk you through solving the issue over the phone.