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10 Signs your website is broken and how to fix it

21st Aug 2018

SEOWeb Development

No-one likes to think their website is 'broken', but if you recognise any of the elements in our list, then maybe it's time to take a fresh look at your website, make some changes and start reaping the rewards of your investment.

How to prepare your online store for the Christmas Sales

27th Jul 2018

Content Management SystemHow ToSEOShopping CartWeb Development

NOW is the time to START to prepare your Online Store for the Christmas Sales! So we've created a checklist to help you get MORE from your Ecommerce website.

How to optimise images for your Online Store

01st Oct 2015

Content Management SystemHow ToSEOShopping CartWeb Development

SEO for images? Often considered to be one of the most overlooked areas for driving search traffic and sales conversions are your website images. Optimising your images assists in getting your ecommerce products to show up in Google image and web search.

How to: Find out where your domain is registered and who registered it

03rd Sep 2015

How ToWeb Development

Most people register their domain at one place and then have their website hosted elsewhere. We show you how to find out where your domain is located and who registered it, in 4 easy steps.

9 Free web development tools we like to use

30th May 2014

Web Development

9 Free web development tools or programs that Fat Galah frequently uses to make our life easier. From password management systems to vector drawing programs, there's something here for everyone!

How to improve your SEO with Robot.txt

23rd May 2014

SEOWeb Development

Search engine spiders or bots crawl your website to collect data and index it in the search engines. Find out how to use robots.txt files to protect files and improve your SEO and why every website should have one.

5 Things You Need to Consider Before Going to See a Website Developer

14th Jun 2013

Web Development

Save time and money by following these 5 simple guidelines BEFORE you contact a website developer.

301 Redirect module

25th Apr 2013

Content Management SystemSEOWeb Development

Latest upgrades to the 301 Redirector module. Even more flexible than before.