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Custom Government and Business Tender Portal Software

  • Shopping cart
  • Multiple tender portals
  • Warehouse reporting and distribution
  • Sales reports
  • Notification via both email and/or SMS for all services
  • Better filtering for products
  • Different pricing types
  • Transferred to accounting system from all areas

The Story

IQS Solutions  supplies quality safety equipment Australia wide to government departments, medium to large business through tenders and public for a number of years. With 3 locations in Queensland, they believe they have one of the widest product selections in Australia.


There were a number of pain points with IQS Solutions current system that made it hard for the business to expand and grow. The main concern was that they would not be able to accept more tenders, as the manual systems was too labour intensive. The current system took up to 4 business days per order to process from start to finish.

 They needed an automated and streamlined system that could integrate with their shopping cart and with a new stock control and accounting system.

 An automated workflow for their Government and Business tenders and approval processes,  linking them directly to their accounting system.

 Key points

  • Website with a shopping cart and stock control system linked to accounting program
  • Ability to Purchase, Quote or enquiry through the shopping cart
  • Multi - pricing (For single and bulk qty) for all products and variants
  • Better filtering of the products
  • Smart search for through all areas
  • Better mobile and desktop presence
  • Tracking systems and reporting of the website, users interactions and interface.
  • Multi - types of tendering portals
  • Notification via both email and/or SMS
  • Transferred to accounting system from all areas


Discovery and Scope to investigate all key pain points, as well as a review of the current website and processes which lead to us discovering other aspects that were not previously covered in the brief.

FatGalah also consulted with management and key personnel involved in using the existing software systems, to discover the manual areas where the flow of work was being restricted and not currently working for them to see if the process could be automated and improved.

It was decided to build a custom PHP website framework to provide a system that gave the client a more flexible website with better user and admin experience and which allowed them to scale their website, shopping cart and tender portals with ease.

Further requirements identified:

  • Prioritise mobile website interface.
  • Improve the user experience on both mobile devices and desktop
  • Increase loading speeds on the website.
  • Add custom filtering to products.
  • Automate all manual areas
  • Add multiple API integration for automation
  • Add custom Tender Portals
  • Add marketing and tracking
  • Version control tracking


Build a custom platform that can provide flexibility, scalability and high front and back end usability.

Build a custom Tenders Portal with multiple user interfaces to suit existing manually processed clients. Add the ability to transfer products from the main shopping cart system and customise the categories, pricing, alteration, description and pricing per portal.

Automate the purchase and approval process per Government and Business tender portals.

Custom responsive website templates to improve user experience on all platforms.

Custom design and monitoring software to improve user flow and conversions.

Automatic freight calculator and multiple payment methods in custom eCommerce module.

Add multiple product variants to combine products with multiple sizes, colours, materials, lengths and more. This reduced the maintenance on the entire product range.

Using multiple APIs to automate and connect to accounting, payment gateways, SMS and freight systems.Ability to dynamically identify popular categories and products and proactively promote on key pages of the website.


Combining the website with the Tender Portal and being able to transfer products easily, has made an instant difference in the speed of putting a new Tender portal together. Improving the delivery time to they Government and Business tender client. 

With the new Tender Portals, the time from ordering to approval to ready to delivery has deceased by a huge 460% (From 4 working days down to 30-60 minutes). Also reducing human error in the products and quantity ordered. The client can now also process warranty returns/replacements much quicker.

Website load speeds increased up to 62% faster than previous website platform which increased the number of pages users opened and the number of categories and products they view.

Organic traffic has increased by  48% within 4 months which has had a knock-on effect to the number of sales, quotes and enquiries that are received by over 48% and the number of tenders they can now process increased by 220%.

With the improved tracking system built in, IQS is able to change and check the marketing and KPIs within hours. New search that can look through products and product variants and options, improving the user experience when looking for products.

APIs used:

  • Financial API
  • Freight API
  • Payment APIs