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Increase conversion of Content, Vouchers, Tickets and eCommerce Solution

  • Multiple payment options
  • Automatic freight calculation
  • Optimised response design
  • Mobile phone checkin' App
  • Mixed content with vouchers, tickets and eCommerce
  • Automatic transfer of purchases to existing software
  • User experience tracking and mapping
  • Custom forms and templates


Kingston Park Raceway recently celebrated their 20th birthday and is Australia’s largest and most technically advanced outdoor go kart hire and amusement venue. Rated number 1 in Australia and in the top 10 in the world. The Raceway has over 100 go karts and 3 great go kart tracks to test drivers’ skills. Kingston Park Raceway offer drivers a true racing experience on an international standard circuit.


There were a couple of areas that Kingston Park Raceway found were under performing.

  • Over the past few years Kingston Park Raceway has had a reduced traffic/conversion ratio.

  • The current website setup involved sending artwork requests out to a graphic designer, waiting for that to be completed and then forwarding to a web designer who then added the content to the website. This process was quite time consuming and meant that planning advertising promotions for radio, Google and Facebook, required an enormous amount of lead time. It also meant that the company could not easily or quickly make any changes 'on the fly'.

  • Tracking of the performance of the advertising/website relationship and working out the best way to have the website perform better for their users.

  • Inability to mix content with the shopping cart items and online vouchers and tickets together on one page.

  • Being restricted to accepting one method of payment.

  • Poor website user experience on desktop and mobile.


The first step was to review all current website systems, loading speeds and layouts and then add tracking and usability software to understand how visitors were engaging with the website and identify areas that were under performing and where we could boost conversion rates.

We also consulted with management and key personnel involved in using the existing software systems, to find manual areas where the flow of work was being blocked and not currently automated.

After testing and evaluating in WooCommerce, we found that the WooCommerce platform wasn't very flexible and didn't suit the needs of the client. It was decided to build a custom eCommerce platform with FatGalah's PHP framework to provide a custom system with flexibility and high usability on website and shopping cart.

Enable the selling of both online tickets for events, vouchers and merchandise and being able to mix into website content.
Add custom forms that match the requirements.

  • Increase the loading speed on the website.
  • Increase the usage of the content, forms, purchases across the website.
  • Make it easier to add, edit and place content on they website.
  • Increase conversion ratio.Being able to mix content with shopping cart items and online vouchers and tickets together on one page.
  • Multiple payment methods.
  • Automatically calculate freight on merchandise.
  • Being able to have custom templates for tickets and vouchers.
  • Improve the user experience on both mobile devices and desktop.
  • Add methods and tracking to better understand they user's experience.
  • Mobile App to speed up the checking in of clients through the gates on special events.
  • Integrate to client's existing custom software system.
  • Private notification management to update heads of departments and staff being able to separate into groups.
  • Version control


Build a custom eCommerce platform that can provide flexibility and high usability on both platforms integrating "add to cart" widgets into website content.

FatGalah's WowPro content management system with it's Drag & Drop content builder and customised snippets to standardise the layout of all areas of the website.

Custom responsive website templates to improve user experience on all platforms.

Products that can have custom template per product. Being able to group or build products from groups of products.

Custom design and monitoring software to improve user flow and conversions.

Automatic freight calculator and multiple payment methods in custom eCommerce module.

Using FatGalah's WowPro content management system's advanced tracking and marketing to improve knowledge to users experience and conversions.

Automatic updates to the existing custom software to remove manual processes.

Create a mobile phone App with a QR scanner to read the ticket information and log the results to the system to check number of persons checking in.

Add private discussion module to  FatGalah WowPro to manage and notify heads of departments and staff.


By producing the website content and shopping cart components within FatGalah's Drag and Drop components, this enable the team at Kingston Park Raceway to get the webpage live by 80% which had a direct knock on effect reducing the lead time for advertising to get greater exposure. This lead to an increase in market share by 18%.

Combining content with eCommerce items together on the same page, increased the conversion rate and user experience by 280%.

Website load speeds increased up to 70% faster than previous (Wordpress Woo Commerce) platform which increased the number of pages users opened.

Customising the checkout procedure and adding multiple payment methods reduced the number of abandon carts and increased the conversion ratios by 27%.

Removed the human processes from interactions between the website and existing software totally by fully automating this area.

QR scanner mobile app improved the flow of clients through the gate. 75% of clients going through the gates purchased "Jump the queue" tickets using QR.
FatGalah's private discussion module being able to notify all groups and track interactions from all areas.

Kingston Park Raceway

We were having issues with our web site converting and were lucky enough to meet the team at Fat Galah. They have helped us triple our web enquiry and our on line sales have gone through the roof. We are happy to give them a 5 Star review.
Terry Skene