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Lasertag - Hiring and Purchase Solution

  • Grouping products to make combined products
  • Full stock control across hiring and purchasing products
  • Tracking customers
  • Freight combining purchased and hiring products
  • Large number of content pages
  • Advertising Campaigns API
  • Connecting to Star Track API
  • Connecting to CBA API
  • Connecting to Paypal API

Brief: Is to have hiring and purchasing shopping cart

Build a system that can incorparate purchasing, grouping products and hiring with full stock control. Having an advertising campaign system, and for the system to be fully responsive to all devices and to connect payment and freight API. Tracking customer movements.

Add in return freight for hired Products and the returned dates.


Look at what the requirement differences are between purchasing and hiring, look at what freighting systems can deal with, freighting there and back and incorporate multiple payment gateways.


Incorporate a shopping cart that can flag the difference between a product that can be purchased or hired, build a system that can have multiple products that can be packaged together as one product, add in payment and freight API to look after freight and payment transactions. As part of the shopping cart, extend stock control to cover grouped products and hire-able products. 


Achieved all goals set in the brief.