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SeatsRUs: Inhouse product, information retrieval system

  • Grouping of products
  • Information
  • Dept of Transport information
  • Lead generating
  • Pricing structures
  • Quoting
  • Related products and services

Brief: Enable staff to quickly find information and product details and location

SeatsRUs has grown into a large retail outlet with thousands of product items that can fit into many different types of vehicles including Trucks, Trains, Forklifts, Vessels. They needed a way to group the information and make it easy for staff to retrieve and update.

They also wanted to be able to use this system for pricing and quotes.

Approach to finding a collective system

Place the products and information into groups and categories.

Set smart searches to quickly find these products and information throughout the system.

Solution of both navigation and grouping

Enable the system to group products and information into defined groups, these products could also be linked to categories.

Add large icons to the screen, so using touch screens would enable the staff to navigate without the need of a keyboard.