Stance Global - multiple countries

The Story

Stance Global a global group of companies specialising in development, sales and marketing of agricultural and environmental products and technologies. 

Stance acquired Equitec Performance Products to form Stance Equitec. The Stance Equitec range of nutraceutical products are formulated to support the digestive, nervous, immune and neural systems.  Equitec Performance Products was founded by Ken Ford, a Naturopath Chiropractor who applied the principles of biogenics to horses. Ken had a unique and holistic understanding of the roles and interrelationships of natural herbs and compounds, and how they impact health and wellbeing. The merger of Stance and Equitec brought about the ever popular Turmericle and a suite of new supplements designed to assist the nutritional needs of horses.  Multiple website across the globe.


  • Multiple Payment options 
  • Automatic freight calculation 
  • Optimised responsive design 
  • Multiple Language options 
  • Restrictive admin sections 
  • User experience tracking and marketing 
  • API : Payment options and Freight Integrate 
  • 2 Click separating system for the USA and UK rulings Integration of global information
  • Separate Knowledge website interlinked to website using 2 click separation


Stance Global had been using Wordpress websites, but were finding that as the website load increased, their websites were slowing down. They were also worried about their global brand being compromised if their websites were infiltrated by hackers. Stance knew they needed to invest in a scalable and secure system where they could have their updates globally pushed out to all their websites, thus reducing maintenance time and costs, and maintaining brand security.

Stance Global (Stance Equitec) were looking for a secure, fast custom system to be able to integrate APIs and custom programs across many areas of the website across the global marketing place. They were also after user experience, marketing and tracking systems to be built into their website and were aware (from precious experience in dealing with FatGalah) that FatGalah had developed, and included as standard in all its custom software, systems that could be used to improve the engagement and conversions of the users. They also wanted to be able to update the programming across multiple websites around the world, but enable each country to market per country.

The first step was to review all current website systems, loading speeds and layouts and then add tracking and usability software to understand how visitors were engaging with the website and identify areas that were under performing and where we could boost conversion rates.

We consulted with management and key personnel involved in using the existing software systems, to find manual areas where the flow of work was being blocked and not currently automated. 

Plan the user experience flow in all areas for both mobile and desktop views.

Map admin features, reporting and marketing to review user experience. 

Map best methods to maintain global updates.


Build a custom eCommerce platform that can provide flexibility and high usability on both platforms.

Add custom areas to control related data from knowledge website.


By producing the website content and shopping cart components within custom platform with a large number of Drag and Drop components, this enable the team at Stance Global to get the webpage quicker live by 80% which had a direct knock on effect reducing the lead time for advertising to get greater exposure. 

This lead to an increase in market share by 40%.Combining content with eCommerce items together on the same page, increased the conversion rate and user experience by 70%. 

Website load speeds increased up to 68% faster than previous (Wordpress Woo Commerce) platform which increased the number of pages users opened. 

Customising the checkout procedure and adding multiple payment methods reduced the number of abandon carts and increased the conversion ratios by 56%.