Summit Global Hub - Central controller

The Story

Summit Global have been in the sport arena for many years selling both instore and online across multiple major brands, including Head, Adidas, Stiga, 361, Oofos, Chilli, Arena Swimming and more.

As they have grown, they needed a way to update all their websites with Stock levels, Product Details and Pricing and also incoming sales


Need a way to control the following across all websites

  • Stock levels
  • Pricing
  • Incoming Sales

Need to be able to add new websites in and sync the products and stock between custom websites and Shopify websites

Be able to Push data out via API service for:

  • Products
    • Details
    • Pricing
    • Stock
    • Images


Check that Greentree API was capable of PUSH and PULL across all the areas in the brief.

Setup web interface that can control multiple websites via API both PUSH and PULL

Map flow of data from Greentree (source of trust) out through the hub to all API connections and back

Map out possible errors and what screens can hep resolve the errors

FatGalah's WowPro2 platform base the HUB on for:

  • Mapping the following:
    • Stock locations
    • Products
    • Product variants
  • API Controller for incoming calls (Data being PUSHED) into the hub (Sales)
    • Shopify
    • Custom websites
  • API Controller for out going calls (Data being PUSHED) into the websites
    • Product Details
    • Stock levels
    • Pricing
    • Sales going into Greentree

Added Automate processes for the following:

  • Automate scheduled tasks for
    • Checking for 
      • Stock level changes
      • Product updates
      • Adding new products
  • Webhooks
    • Sales


Build a web based interface using Fatgalah's WOWPro2 framework

Setup APIs for PUSH, PULL and add webhooks to automate API notifications

Setup API connection, so the client can easily add new websites into the API services to sync for both shopify and customised websites.

Incident interface to check for issues and errors and setup pathways for the client to be able to resolve them.

Add in notifications or all incidents to key personal.


The new HUB Api system has enable the client to take on more national and international brands and continues to add new websites into the Hub.

It has enable consistent stock levels, pricing and sales to flow back and forward across all the websites heavily reducing they day to day operations. It has mean the transfer of staff to other areas, as this now takes care of itself.