The Olive Centre - Web development - Netsuite API Sync

Multiple pricing levels sync, knowledge, Blog, Videos and Classified ads

  • Shopping and quote cart 
  • Multi tiered pricing sync through to Netsuite
  • Knowledge base center with cross linking through products, blogs, content and articles 
  • Customiseable importing for price lists
  • Protected areas - articles, blog, knowledge - members only areas
  • Better filtering for searches

  • Auto sync from Netsuite to Shopping cart for
    • Stock levels
    • Multi tiered pricing
  • Ability to switch on/off Netsuite sync from shopping cart
  • Muli-level login types for member
  • Place ads for members

The Story

The Olive Centre specialises in supplying Equipment & machinery for the needs of olive growers in Australia and other major Olive Producing Countries.   As the one-stop-shop, our product range comprises of equipment that is proven and tested with olives. You can be assured all the hard work has been done to determine our product range through over 18 years of testing products in grove situations. 


Be able to blend products with blogs, articles and videos through the website and created a better user experience.  

Key points 

  • Website with a shopping and quote cart and stock control system synced to accounting program 
  • Ability to Purchase, Quote or enquiry through the shopping cart 
  • Multi - pricing and types (For single and bulk qty) for all products and variants 
  • Better filtering of the products 
  • Smart search for through all areas 
  • Better mobile and desktop presence 
  • Tracking systems and reporting of the website, users interactions and interface. 
  • Be able to inter link products to blogs, articles, content through the website
  • Protected areas for members
  • Classified Ads for members
  • Customise fields to synced
  • Ability to control what is synced

Control API Controls


Discovery and Scope to investigate all key pain points, as well as a review of the current website and processes which lead to us discovering other aspects that were not previously covered in the brief. 

FatGalah also consulted with management and key personnel involved in using the existing software systems, to discover the manual areas where the flow of work was being restricted and not currently working for them to see if the process could be automated and improved. 

It was decided to build a custom FG WOWPro Framework to provide a system that gave the client a more flexible website with better user and admin experience and which allowed them to scale their website, shopping / Quote cart. 

 Further requirements identified: 

  • Prioritise mobile website interface. 
  • Improve the user experience on both mobile devices and desktop 
  • Increase loading speeds on the website. 
  • Add custom filtering to products. 
  • Automate all manual areas 
  • Add multiple API integration for automation 
  • Add marketing and tracking 
  • Version control tracking


Build a custom platform that can provide flexibility, scalability and high front and back end usability. 

Building advertising that use cross linking of products and other areas of the website.

Custom responsive website templates to improve user experience on all platforms. 

Custom design and monitoring software to improve user flow and conversions. 

Add  custom widget controllers to enable the client to cross use products, blogs, articles and knowledge throughout the website modules.

Add Sync controllers to update from Netsuite to Shopping/Quote cart. This made it possible to control what information was PULLED across via API.


Combining products throughout the system increased the visibility of the products and also had a know on effect by increasing the Search Engine visibility. This has lead to a better SEO ranking across the entire website.

Website load speeds increased up to 62% faster than previous website platform which increased the number of pages users opened and the number of categories and products they view. 

With the improved tracking system built in, The Olive Centre is able to change and check the marketing and KPIs within hours. New search that can look through products and product variants and options, improving the user experience when looking for products.