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Tourism booking engine availability queuing solution

  • High volume XML and JSON calls
  • Website interfaces
  • Management of 20 Vessels
  • Management of 50+ Vessel room types
  • Reduce the load on the staff
  • Customer Pickup locations
  • Catering and transport information
  • Reducing and logging errors
  • Agent pricing structures
  • Monitoring
  • National Bank API
  • Paypal API
  • Procharter API
  • Weather API

Brief: Speed up the connections and reduce the errors (no errors)

To speed up the XML calls for availability, availability runs, agent pricing structures, resources, diet, pickup,locations.

Have the website admin, public and agent sections load faster.

Remove errors from displays in admin, agent and public interfaces.

Log all error handling.

Approach to removing errors and response times 

Examine all current XML calls and determine their priority and frequency.

Test XML calls and determine best practice to execute all XML calls.

Re-engineer database table sets to decrease loading speeds.

Run tests on the loading of admin, agent and public website interfaces and determine actions required.

Design a solution that can remove the errors and deal with the thousands of XML calls per day.

Queuing program and error handling Solution

Add a queuing system to handle the large volume of XML calls and remove duplicate calls to the same query.

This queuing system will execute the calls. If the system stalls, if by loss of communications or locked a script while running, a second program can remove the current call and restart the queue, continuing the XML calls.

Prioritise the XML calls and the frequency required. Add error handling at all junctions and setup error reporting system to track any errors for adjustments in the future.

Results: No Errors and fast response times & reducing loading

The new Queuing solution has:

  • Reduced the required amount of XML call and response.
  • Reduced the loading of the calls to the API system by 40%.
  • Stopped the duplicate, failed, corrupt, failed communications, locked scripting and the need for manual calls.
  • Reduce the band width used by the server by 2Gb/mth.
  • Removed all errors from screen displays and showing correct availability.
  • Decreased the loading of admin, agent and public website interfaces by 12+sec in peak times with a average load time of 3secs.