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What can increase my website disk space on the server

There are many items that can impact website disk space. Most server measure this in Gigabytes (Gb).

Below are the common items:

  • Unused Files and Images
  • Oversized images (Optimise web page images)
    • Many programs that let you add content and images to your website, don't resize the image you upload.
    • For example: if you have a image that has dimension of 4000 x 2000 pixels and 2Mb in size) and you upload this but you only want to display the image 360 x 260 pixels. Unless you have used a image re-sizing program prior to uploading, the image will display at 360 x 260, but still have the dimensions of  4000 x 2000 and 2mb (2000Kb) in size.
    • If the image was resized down to 360 x 260 pixels, it would only be 23kbs.
  • PDF files
    • Can be from 150kb to 20Mb.
  • Email
    • If you have a large amount of emails stored on the server.
    • If you are using IMAP it will keep all files and folders that are on your PCs

What is the best way to find out where the disk space is being used

Using your server logins you can see your website and email disk space.

Under email accounts to can see the space each email account is using.

It is always best to perform monthly maintenance on:

  • Website/s
    • Remove old or un-used images and files (PDF or Documents)
    • Remove un-used website content pages.
  • Email/s
    • Archive old emails
    • Remove un-wanted emails