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9 Free web development tools we like to use

Over the years we have found many free tools and programs that have helped us save time and generally make our web development life easier. From creating professional sharp images, icons, logos and infographics to being able to manage different areas of our business. Many of these programs can also run directly from a USB stick.

Here's 9 of our favourite free tools and programs that we use on a regular basis:

  • Inkscape:
    One of my personal favourites. An open source vector drawing program that's great for designing images for websites and promotional material.

  • PhotoFiltre:
    Great little program for quick and easy images fixes, resizing, cutting and reshaping.
    Great alternative to PhotoShop.

  • Winmerge:
    This program is superb at checking the differences between two files. And just about any type of file (doc, css, php, txt etc).

  • Notepad++:
    This is a extended version of Notpad that is not only good at removing formating from Microsoft word, but writing in a large number of programming languages.

  • KeePass:
    Password encryption program that works on both PC and Andriod. Password manager system to hold all your passwords.
    Helps you manage your passwords in a secure way.

  • TeamViewer:
    Connect securely to a remote computer using and iPad, PC, Mac. This program enables you to take control on other devices to assist your clients in setups or understanding programs.

  • Airdroid:
    Android app that allows you to take control of your phone via any browser to; add contacts, send and receive SMS text, browser photo, files, open web address directly through your phone, transfer files, images. The list is endless.

  • DomainTools:
    Use the website to check on many aspects of a domain name.
    Use the Whois Lookup to find out the Registrar of any domain name, who the Registrant Name is and the name of the server the website is hosted on.

  • PageSpeed Insights:
    PageSpeed Insights analyzes the content of a web page, then generates suggestions to make that page faster.

Want more? Here's an extra free tool we REALLY love:

Portable Apps
According to their website "Portable Apps provides packaged software" (like many of the ones mentioned above) "suitable for use on portable media and without leaving any of the setting files on the host computer." Load them onto a USB stick and take them with you anywhere.

What free tools or programs do you use to make your life easier? Share them with us in the comments.