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Ordering and stock control system solution

The Story

SafetyQuip West is part of a national brand that offers a unique combination of a fully stocked mobile safety shop backed by a trade safety shop. They provide safety gear, workwear, footwear and site safety products with stores located all around Australia and New Zealand.  


Safety Quip West were looking for an ordering and stock controlling system that could provide a solution for a national brand operator to be able to order their safety equipment across multiple branches with the ability to have an approval process prior to the order being sent.

They required reporting for head office and department heads. Removing the manual system and improved workflow for both Sateyquip West and their national clients like Steelforce, Powerlink, Pepsi Co and Coca Cola Amatil.

All processes to date are manually done and very time consuming. It had being taking anything from 3 to 14 days to process, approve and deliver products required by national clients.

Some of the important areas to solve.

  • Remove the time consuming task of individual orders and sending each order through as they came in and waiting to be approved.
  • Automatic pre-listing of individual orders to approved by Heads of departments and or Sub Departments.
  • Automatically grouping of products to be shipped to a departments and/or sub departments. And list of persons that the stock is being distributed to.
  • Setting stock limits a person can receive in a set period of time.
  • The risk of human error increased i.e missed orders. At times, the person accepting the orders often didn't know the correct person or department to send the order through for approval.
  • Department Heads able to setup new staff and allocate products and limits and suspend staff.
  • Department Heads able to setup Sub Departments.
  • Individuals, Departments and or sub departments being able to order or multiple orders in one screen.
  • Comprehensive reporting.
  • Produce a multiple branch ordering and stock control system with the ability for pre-approval ordering.
  • Clonable for use on other projects.
  • Version control projects.


Work with the client to find the best workflow. Map out current procedures and refine the operation to reduce the time it takes from the start of the ordering process to the end, delivery of the products to their locations. Find the main ordering blockage areas and find new paths that both the client and user find similar. Work on a user interface (UI) to create a simpler ordering screens and ability for multiple devices to process single or multiple orders in 1 screen.

  • Using wire frames to setup workflows and UI required.
  • Check latest PHP frameworks best suited for the project.
  • Overall core structures to increase scalability, flexibility and clonability.
  • Setup automatic Version controlling across multiple projects.
  • Build multiple level login areas for users, heads of departments (HOD), sub heads and administrators to pre-setup stock per person over a pre-set period of time and place orders.
  • Setup automatic lists of individual orders into HOD and or Sub HOD into approval list, automatically notifying HOD of orders needing approval.
  • Order picking and packing list for administrators. Delivery to correct departments with list on products per user.


  • 100% reduction in human errors from orders, approvals and allocated stock control.
  • Increase in the number of report types available.Order approval time improved by 80%.
  • 45% increase in accuracy in orders and control of stock per person over the set period of time.
  • 70% decrease in time from order to delivery.
  • Ability to control new features across multiple projects with automatic version controls.
FatGalah Web Development Case Study - Safety Quip
FatGalah Web Development Case Study - Safety Quip